Sabrina Da Silva


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Sabrina is a social media and marketing coordinator with a passion for creativity and design.

Sabrina is a dynamic Social Media and Marketing Coordinator driven by an unwavering passion for creativity and design. Her journey to excellence led her to recently graduate from Humber College’s Advertising & Graphic Design program, a pivotal experience that sharpened her skills and cultivated a discerning eye for precision.

Sabrina’s educational path commenced upon completing her high school education, as she embarked on her graphic design odyssey at Humber College. Throughout her tenure at Humber, Sabrina wholeheartedly dedicated herself to mastering her craft, devoting countless hours to the meticulous creation of logos, graphics, and websites that catered to a diverse clientele.

Sabrina swiftly emerged as a remarkable and inventive force within her field. Her innovative marketing campaigns and social media strategies consistently captivated the intended audience, testifying to her prowess in crafting compelling and effective brand narratives.

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