Marle Santos



Marle comes from a creative background in Advertising and Marketing Management, she has always found ways to pursue her creative side.

Marle hails from a distinguished creative lineage rooted in Advertising and Marketing Management, where she has unfailingly sought avenues to cultivate her innate artistic abilities. Following her relocation to Kelowna, British Columbia, and the successful completion of her second degree in Event Planning and Promotions Management, Marle delved headfirst into a series of freelance ventures. These professional forays not only served to fortify her ever-evolving portfolio but also enriched her profound understanding of the creative landscape.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Marle exhibits a profound passion for health and wellness! Equally integral to her life is the cherished time she invests with her family, cherishing moments of quality bonding.

During her leisure hours, Marle’s vibrant spirit often leads her to explore various avenues. Whether she is embarking on a new travel adventure, indulging in retail therapy at a shopping mall, or seeking out the latest hidden gem in the world of coffee shops, her enthusiasm for discovery remains an ever-present facet of her life.

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